Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Five: The Red Arrows

I think there might actually be more than five. Yes, there are nine pilots. Thank you, Google. All morning they've been flying over our part of sunny Derbyshire, preparing for tomorrow's Battle of Britain Air Show at The Imperial War Museum Duxford.

Well, I assume it was the Red Arrows flying overhead all morning, as I only managed to move out of the hedge bottom fast enough and run up the length of the kitchen garden to catch the fifth one going over and rattling the chimney pots. I love living under an RAF flight path - makes me feel very safe seeing HM's finest on a regular basis.

Not only have I finished the steps, I've also shifted 33 bags of well rotted stable manure into the garden, and I was shovelling the last few bags under the hedge at about 13:04 when the red jet went over. Earlier in August I cut back all the dried stalks of the cowslips and having snapped the seed heads off threw them into a Sainsbury's ziploc bag and stashed it into the side of the garden bench. It got rained on on several occasions and I had to drain the bag several times over the intervening weeks. Thousands of tiny black seeds gathered in the bottom of the plastic bag, with hundreds of dried seed heads topping off the (by now) sludge in the bag. This afternoon I picked handfuls of seed heads and scattered them all over the gardens and borders. When I got to the sludge at the bottom of the bag, Hallelujah! Loads of the tiny seeds had sprouted! Under the hedge they went, to take their chances in amongst all that lovely stable manure.

And even more surprising, Phantom's back blogging. Not only that, he's actually got his fridge pictures up at last. Very tidy fridge. Interesting things in his fridge, and if you study the pictures hard enough, I believe you can just about glimpse the vat of gin, hidden at the back. Way to go, Phantom! An Absolutely Fabulous fridge.

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