Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Stalking Can Pay Off

Only joking.  Although like most Virgos (that includes you Fiona,) there's a fine line between being terribly interested in a subject and being obsessed with it, and from there it's a short hop, skip and a jump to stalking Helen Yemm and cluttering up your house ready for a visit from Kim and Aggie.  My current interest (bordering on the obsessive) is buying wooden kitchen chairs.  It began ordinarily enough with a swan-backed elm Ercol chair, which I have in my kitchen near the radiator.  Then I clapped eyes on another Ercol chair outside a charity shop on my way to Sainsbury's.  Then I found another and then got a set of four for a fiver.

I'm planning to paint them dove grey, pale cream and other lovely washed-out colours and use them as garden chairs, since I'm now at an age when fabric-backed director's chairs just don't give sufficient back support for an afternoon spent feasting and chatting around my garden table.  Billy Connolly does a great sketch about becoming an age when you can't get in and out of a chair without growling and groaning with your back...  I used to laugh at that sketch; now I understand it.

Helen Yemm is opening her garden in Wadhurst, East Sussex, on Sunday 5 June as part of the Wadhurst Open Gardens 2011 weekend.  Check out Helen's blog for details and tickets etc.  I'm seriously thinking of going, if I get some assurances that Helen hasn't called the police department; got some marksmen...

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