Monday, February 13, 2012

On A Cold And Snowy Weekend In Canterbury

I hate, loathe and detest driving in icy conditions.  After only a few miles I feel sick from all the adrenalin.  I hate walking on icy pavements, too.  This probably has its roots in a childhood skiing accident.  I do, however, love paddling about in the snow as I have a pair of military-depth-tread boots reserved for just such occasions.  Suitably booted, I can trot about in the snow all day, although admittedly I do get a little twitchy when the sun starts to drop and I'm out in the middle of fields, etc.  We all know vampires don't exist but those films are so realistic, aren't they?

When the snow and ice begin to melt, I revert back to my tan leather boots, especially when walking at the seaside, where I have never before seen snow piled up on the beach.  Miracles and wonders. 

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