Thursday, February 02, 2012

Seville Orange Marmalade

There are some terribly important rules to follow when making marmalade.  Here they are;
Once you have made Delia's marmalades for a couple of seasons, you will then be in a position to use your own experience and then and only then are you allowed to make the following deviations from Delia's instructions;

2. Do not use pectin enriched sugar; complete waste of money. Your citrus is full of pectin, and if you have used frozen citrus, simply add the juice from an extra lemon.
3. Refuse to engage with the mind-numbingly tedium that is cutting off the citrus' pith. Pith removal must be abandoned, especially when making grapefruit marmalades.  Pith will all boil to nothing and release so much pectin you won't need the pectin sugar.
4. Pomelo or ugli fruit never set and produce a bland, flavourless mess.  What a waste of your life, especially if you stripped then shredded all that pith...
5. Just tie up the pips in the bit of muslin.
6. Boil the marmalade for 15 minutes only, do the frozen saucer test then turn off the marmalade pan and let it all settle.  Your marmalade will be softly set, especially if you've thrown in an extra lemon just for badness' sake.  There are few things as repellent at breakfast time as a boiled to buggery, firm-set marmalade, although runny boiled egg white comes a close second.  Makes me want to boke just thinking of that...

7. Replace a litre of water with a litre carton of clementine juice in your orange shred marmalade.  Also, consider adding a carton of mohito cocktail mix to your lime shred marmalade.  Oh yes.

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