Sunday, March 04, 2012

On Winter Gardening & Bone Idleness

One of my greatest failings is Bone Idleness.  That and a refusal to hire any woman who at interview blathers on about her addiction to chocolate and buying shoes.  I always collect my interviewees from reception; that way I can work the conversation round to these two deal breakers.  Never fails.  I've yet to recruit a female balloon head. 

I've loads of photos of my perfect, beautiful, wonderful kitchen garden, and stacks more of all the lovely places I've visited over the winter, including some corkers from Canterbury, (incidentally my New Favourite Place).  I just can't be bothered to catalogue, upload and add cheery dialogue to some much needed posts.  Some of my photos are simply breathtaking, especially those taken in the rain during November.  Since discovering both the zoom and the macro/super macro button on my camera, there's been no stopping me.  Now if I can only summon up the energy to download and work through my Photoshop disc, I'll be well away. 

I was over at Chatsworth  last year, and have some stunners from the kitchen garden there.  They call it a kitchen garden, but really its Horticultural Envy writ large.  What do you think?

Oh squeaky green brassicas, my heart belongs to you.

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