Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Time to Sow Carrots

I recently picked up some new clients, and already am completely in love with them. I make them want to be better gardeners and they make me want to be a better person.  It is a perfectly balanced relationship, except of course, that I'm gaining far more from the deal.  Together we are awakening their walled kitchen garden; and lawns (yes I know, lawns!); their glasshouse and their shrubbery.  I arrive in the morning and they make me toast on their Aga.  I think that's what clinched it; a walled garden and Aga toast.  They make it with that criss-cross grill thing, and when I scrape over the Lurpak it melts into the little squares.

Suitably breakfasted, we repair to their walled garden, where this week we sowed carrots into the raised brick beds.  We both like carrots, so pretty much emptied four packets into the deep black soil.  Pictures to follow.

Say it with me people; I really do lead the Life of Riley.