Wednesday, March 07, 2012

On Sowing French Beans With Jon Bon

I find I crack through 24-pot trays far more efficiently when I've Jon Bon Jovi singing to me as the rain falls gently on the glass house. 
 I filled 3" pots with B&Q's finest then push two beans per pot about half an inch into the compost.  Conventional horticultural advice always rattles on about double sowing then discarding the weaker of the two.  I think that's a bit miserable, actually; if the seeds make the effort to grow the least we can do is plant the two together.  And let's face it, two bean seeds planted a few inches from your 8' bean stick isn't going to have any detrimental effect.

Here's the laundry list;
Buerre de Rocquencourt - that's the yellow pod
Amethyst - that's the purple one
Cordon Bleu - the green one.  Oh, OK.

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