Monday, September 14, 2009

I Carried The Watermelon

"She spots him just about the same time we do. He's dancing the mambo in the ballroom, and she can't take her eyes off him. Later she sees him at the staff party performing a steamier version of the same dance - the dirty dancing of the title, and still hot stuff even 22 years later. There are a lot of reasons for the success of Dirty Dancing, a film that was due to go straight to video and yet has gone on to make $300m worldwide, and spawned a successful stage show, but Swayze's charisma is key. He went on to make other popular movies - winning his second Global Globe award with the weepie Ghost, attracting fans in the surf thriller Point Break, revealing his instinct for a cult classic with a sinister late appearance in Donnie Darko. But when the news of his death was announced today, I could only think of him as Johnny swaggering across the room and sweeping his loved one onto the stage with the immortal line, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

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